CALMING CRÈME - 2oz or 8oz

De-stress from the work day or an athletic event with this relaxing calming body crème topical. The lavender, chamomile, cannabis, and frankincense will soothe your senses and ease your tension: both mind and body. Your skin will love the intense moisture, while your whole self will feel less stress and a renewed sense of balance.

Apothecanna cannabis-infused lotion is available in two ounce and eight ounce bottles and made for all skin types. Also available in .15oz sachet with 2mg THC/2mg CHD.

Key Ingredients 
Lavender – analgesic, soothing 
Chamomile – analgesic, soothing 
Frankincense – analgesic, antiseptic antispasmodic, astringent 
Cannabis – antibacterial, anti-inflammatory

How to Use
Massage into skin, focusing on areas of your body that hold tension. Apply to temples, chest, and pulse points to relieve anxiety and stress. Use before bedtime or after physical activity to relax your body and mind.

What to expect 
Aroma: woody, resinous 
Product texture: medium weight cream 
Skin feel: hydrated, calming

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