oil apothecanna extra strength relieving body oil


Extra Strength Relieving Body Oil - 1 OZ

100MG THC & 100mg CBD available to both medical and recreational customers this minty and fresh smelling body oil from Apothecanna provides fast acting relief from pain and inflammation. Use desired amount for a full body massage or apply directly to the effected area. Athletes will love this oil for their swollen joints and muscle pain after a tough game or workout. 

Also available in a .07oz sachet.

Key Ingredients:
Menthol - fast acting analgesic, cooling 
Arnica – analgesic , anti-inflammatory 
Peppermint – antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, stimulating 
Juniper – antirheumatic, antiseptic 
Clove – antimicrobial, antiseptic, stimulating 
Cannabis – antibacterial, anti-inflammatory

How to use 
Massage desired amount on your body, focusing on inflamed areas. Use with massage or body work. Try refrigerating for an extra refreshing sensation after sun or physical activity. Massage onto temples and pulse points to relieve migraines and stress. 

What to expect 
Aroma: mint, fresh 
Product texture: medium weight body oil 
Skin feel: cool, hydrated, softened 

For convenient pain relief on the go, try Apothecanna Extra Strength Relieving Spray. For a relaxing massage before bed, try Apothecanna Calming Body Oil.