Red Headed Stranger

Jun 9, 2017 2:13:55 PM


Red Headed Stranger was created by master grower Tierra Rojo from a cross of 1994 heirloom William’s Wonder with Tom Hill’s Haze. The result is a beautifully structured plant with perfectly stacked calyxes and a lemon-eucalyptus aroma and flavor.

RHS is a long-lasting and high THC strain that gives the consumer a racing, cerebral high. Like any good sativa, you’ll have an increased curiosity, be more talkative and interested in the people around you. At higher consumptions, there can be some body buzz from the indica side of Willy’s Wonder, with loosening of muscle tension and some relaxation.

This strain took home 2nd Place in the Best Sativa category at Denver’s Cannabis Cup. We recommended this strain for fans of Durban Poison and Haze genetics.

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