Purple Crush

Jun 9, 2017 1:41:27 PM


Purple Crush is a fruity Indica of medium-heavy potency. It grows a blend of light green and purple, tight, solid buds with plenty of long, orange pistils. Its aroma and flavor are quite sweet and also a little skunky or musky.

It has a solid Indica buzz, that can be felt in the face and lungs on exhale. Purple Crush generally produces a very cloudy, stony head high with plenty of body and muscle relaxation that is sure to ease muscle spasms, cramps, and general pain. The onset is quick, but the release is gradual.

Good if you need some heavy daytime medication, but don’t expect to do anything for a few hours. The gradual drop-off in strength is nice for pain relief that won’t put you to sleep, but will ease you through a few hours of couch time.

Good for those who don’t need to be active and clear-headed, and anyone looking for a fruity Indica.

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