Jun 9, 2017 1:38:51 PM


Primus OG – or just Primus – is a hard-hitting indica-dominant cross of 303 Kush and Arcata Trainwreck (also called Trainwreck Arcata). The Trainwreck genetics come through mostly in the duration of the high, but also in the aroma and the slight sativa creativity boost at the onset.

The resulting cross with the indica-dominant 303 Kush makes Primus a heavily indica-dominant hybrid. This is a long-lasting strain, so it offers great medicinal benefits to those who suffer from chronic pain and mood disorders.

The flavor is fruity and sour. Some of the lemon and cedar from the Trainwreck comes through, and a lot of the 303 brown sugar flavor comes through. The trichomes are loaded on the Primus thanks again to the lineage and the THC tends to be very high with this strain.

This is a good strain choice for Depression, pain relief, to increase appetite, and subdue nausea.

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