Mother's Milk

Jun 9, 2017 1:18:45 PM


Known for its bag appeal, potency and strong powdered milk scent, Mother’s Milk was created and named by Boghi Seeds. Mother’s Milk has all of your OG requirements. MM is a hybrid, sativa-dominant strain with its origins rooting from Nepali OG and Appalachia (green crack x tres dawg).

Its effects are highly euphoric with an increase in energy and focus for the first hour or so, then a gentle relaxation for the duration of the high. It is a great daytime smoke and vaping enhances the sweet, candy hearts flavor. Mother’s Milk is a great strain for those with migraines, nausea, ADD or ADHD. This is best taken during the day as you won’t be sleeping anytime soon after using this strain. Have your water handy as dry mouth is sure to creep up while you’re enjoying this wonderful Mother’s Milk.

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