Legend of '91

Jun 9, 2017 9:35:32 AM


Legend of ’91 is yet another strain that resulted from the strain potpourri mashup that is OG Kush and Chem 91. Whether this strain comes from Legend OG crossed with Chem 91 or whether it is just another phenotype of Chemdawg/Chemdog, we do know that like all Chem and OG strains this is a popular and tasty smoke.

Strongly scented, super dank, and mostly sativa, this is one potent bud. A super quick onset will give you an immediate head high that can be psychedelic and powerfully heady. Eventually the head high gives way to body relaxation that may result in sleep with vivid dreams.

Not recommended for casual smokers, Legend of ’91 is an experience for fans of strong sativas. If you like Chemdawg '91 or Sour Diesel and want a more cerebral experience, Legend of ’91 may be the bud for you.

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