Kyle Kushman's Strawberry Cough

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Jun 9, 2017 8:44:36 AM


Kyle Kushman and his team at Buds and Roses in Los Angeles created this version of the Strawberry Cough from a clone he received from South Carolina. The child of Strawberry Fields and Haze, it’s a strain known to make even the most veteran smoker cough. It didn’t take long to catch on and is now listed as one of the top 40 strongest strains of all time and Best Flower in the United States at the 2013 Cannabis Cup. There are other strains by the same name due to the fact that Kushman gave some of his clones to the Dutch Passion Seed Company in Amsterdam, but Kyle Kushman’s stands out above the rest with his unique lineage.

You know you are dealing with Strawberry Cough by rubbing the stem of the marijuana plant and smelling your fingers – they should smell exactly like strawberry. After the harvest the dried flowers smell like a huge batch of strawberries. The taste echoes the smell with a super sweet experience thanks to the Haze genetics. The effects of Strawberry Cough start as a racy cerebral experience and then make their way down to relax the body. KKSC will keep you clearheaded and focused, making it a perfect day smoke as it also relieves any stress or tension.

Medicinally, this strain is ideal for ADD, ADHD and other disorders that make it hard to focus. The sedative body effects make it perfect for nausea, PTSD, Depression and Anxiety.

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