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Originating at Reserva Privada in California as a cross between Trainwreck and OG Kush, Kandy Kush produces fat, sticky, and dense buds like Trainwreck, but with the aroma and taste of OG Kush. A hard-hitter, this is one of the most resinous plants around. With its lemony scent and frosty look, this Kush is a great hashish producer. Good both medically and recreationally, Kandy Kush will help relieve your tension and nausea.

KK is a hybrid that often starts off feeling like a sativa and ends up with the effects of an indica. Few reviews mention this strain as putting them into a slumber, but many have applauded the great-feeling high. Consider this a balanced hybrid, but the indica side or the sativa side may have a greater impact on you. Try this one in the afternoon or evening in case it makes you sleepy.