Heavy Duty Fruity

Jun 7, 2017 10:00:11 AM


When it comes to taste and effects Heavy Duty Fruity lives up to its name with this multi-skilled strain. Depending on the time of harvest, Heavy Duty Fruity can either induce effects that are happy and focused, spacey and psychedelic, or relaxing and pain-relieving. Regardless of whether the stone is mind-numbing and relaxing or focused and energetic, one thing that is sure is that HDF is very sweet and very fruity. The taste can be enhanced by vaping.

Until you know how a particular harvest of HDF will affect you, make sure to set aside some time where you have nothing else you need to get done. Some have reported to get lost in their thoughts and forget everything, even changing channels during a TV session, until they fall asleep. If you have lung issues, you may want to avoid this one as it can induce a lot of coughing.

Amsterdam’s T.H. Seeds produces this cross of three West Coast strains: Killing Garberville, Seattle Big Bud – known for its taste and heavy production, and Mendocino Hash Plant. Heavy Duty Fruity is pungent, potent, and resinous. We recommend you try this strain in flower or concentrate form at least once.

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