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This is a modern-day specimen of a true Afghani hash plant. A classic from Sensi Seeds, Hash Plant, or Hashplant, is made by matching Original Hash Plant from the U.S. with Northern Lights. More specifically, a female clone of Hash Plant was ultimately matched with a male NL#1 and that 50/50 plant was crossed back with the original HP mother, resulting in this 75% Hash Plant-25% Northern Lights hybrid. The indica dominance is clear with this strain that is Afghani on both sides.

Hash Plant offers a smooth smoke that is highly sedative resulting in a heavy, but relaxing body stone that comes on rapidly. These buds are loaded with trichomes and taste just like the name. The Hash Plant’s potency makes this a great medicinal strain best smoked at night. Any type of socializing or productivity will go out the window. For those suffering from a wide range of conditions, mental and physical, the sedative qualities of this strain will being you comfort.