Green Crack

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Jun 6, 2017 2:52:42 PM


Green Crack has developed into two different lineages. The genetics seen most often is the sativa-dominant variety stemming from Skunk #1. If you need to get up, clean the house, and conquer the day this is the strain for you. Green Crack is a highly potent strain that will fill you with an energetic high and the mental focus you need to complete any task at hand.

Green Crack is known to have a tangy and fruity flavor accompanied by the smell of citrus and mango. The scent lingers from grind to smoke and long after. While you’re enjoying the smell and flavor you’ll feel the immediate effects behind your eyes causing visual stimulation and inspirational thoughts. You won’t be relaxing in the buzz long though as you’ll be up and moving before you know it. However it is said to leave some users a little too spacey for socializing.

The other variety of Green Crack is a 75% indica-dominant strain that stems from an Afghani cross. This heavier indica variety has tighter bud structure and bright green nugs. Still an uplifting smoke at the start, but it will give you the munchies and wind you down to full sleepiness.

Some call this strain Green Cush or just Cush due to the negative connotation that Green Crack gives marijuana.

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