Grape Ape

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Jun 6, 2017 2:41:01 PM


Originating in Northern California at Apothecary Genetics, Grape Ape is a lovechild of Mendocino Purps, Afghani and Skunk #1. Some will report that it is a phenotype of the famous Granddaddy Purple or that it is identical to GDP. What is known for sure is that this is one sweet-smelling bud.

One whiff of this cannabis and you’ll know exactly where the name Grape Ape came from. On top is a sweet hint of a barrel of grapes, with an underlying smell of hash or musk once it is broken apart.

Considered one of the better medical marijuana strains, Grape Ape is predominantly indica, but can have a cerebral, uplifting effect on some – especially on those with a higher tolerance. In addition to lifting your mood, Grape Ape will rid you of your pain, whether it is migraines, nausea, or chronic muscle spasms, and leave you with a clear head. This indica-dominant hybrid isn’t necessarily the best for sleep - if you are a heavy smoker it may be passable as a daytime bud, but for for those with a lower tolerance it can feel like a 100% indica and be very sedative. Recommended for afternoon use for carefree relaxation, or evening use if you want to drift off to sleep.

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