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Grand Fire OG is an Indica-heavy hybrid that combines Grand Daddy Purple with White Fire OG. It is light green in color with a slight hint of purple. Sweet, grape-hinted terpenes provide a pleasant smell; it also has nice, dense buds - with small pistils and good crystal content. It provides an instant Sativa uplift and focused energy followed by a heavy Indica buzz. It'll make you take a seat, yet remain extremely focused. This high is long lasting!

“Grand Fire OG is White Fire OG crossed with a Grand Daddy Purple male. It gives off excellent aromas: almost pungently sour, with sweet lemon-y citrus and a hint of Grand Daddy Purple's sweet grape aroma. The high is somewhat heady with a clear and calming effect and a good overall body buzz - a truly fine strain.”

~ Buddy Boy Grower, Chris B.