Death Star

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Jun 6, 2017 1:58:53 PM


Death Star is a 50/50 hybrid that smokes like a confused indica, thanks to its genetics. An Ohio native, Death Star is made from two popular strains: Sour Diesel, a sativa, and Sensi Star, an indica. A tolerance-challenging and resinous strain, Death Star is balanced in an odd way. While your head floats in the sky, your feet are stuck to the ground. Sensi Star can be energetic for an indica, but is great at alleviating pain. Death Star carries over this trait of pain management, but may not be indica enough to put you to sleep. The Diesel genetics keep your mind moving, but you probably won’t feel like going anywhere. This is a strain for watching thought-provoking documentaries or for tackling the AFI’s top 100 movies of all-time list.

This strain carries a pungent diesel-like aroma with an earthy and somewhat spicy flavor. Death Star is recommended for moderate to experienced smokers due to the high potency, slow onset, and long-lasting effects.

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