Deadman O.G.

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Jun 6, 2017 1:56:20 PM


Bred by Native Roots in Denver Deadman OG is a perfect hybrid made from Mandarian and Deadhead. The effects are a perfect split as well with a light and motivating head buzz and body relaxation that isn’t going to nail you to your couch makes it a perfect social smoke for anytime of the day. Don’t underestimate Deadman as it can reach THC levels up to 19%. Once you smell this strain the nomenclature becomes evident. Smelling like a funky skunk and chemicals this marijuana is intoxicating. The taste is quite different than the smell with a smoky, yet citrus, campfire flavor.

Some recommend using a vaporizer or water filter for the best effects. It is also known to make some users antsy so this strain is not recommended for those with anxiety. However, the potency and uplifting effects make it perfect for those suffering from fatigue, stress, and depression

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