ChemDawg 4

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Jun 5, 2017 3:49:15 PM


Chemdawg 4 is a heavy-hitting indica-dominant hybrid which sets it apart from its Chemdawg counterparts. A phenotype of Chemdawg, this plant can grow to be almost seven feet outdoors and is often full or crystals and orange hairs. The smell is of a fresh, citrusy Pine-Sol with a taste of lemon. Though this strain will tease you like it’s a sativa it is best used at night. The effects are known to start in the head creating a light buzz but then move quickly down the body for a hard body stone thanks to the indica dominance. Euphoria will take over accompanied by complete relaxation and often dry mouth.

Medicinally, Chemdawg 4 is a perfect strain when needing to relieve pain, find an appetite, or catch some Zs.

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