Bubble Gum

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Jun 5, 2017 3:41:19 PM


Bubble Gum is a nearly perfect hybrid leaning slightly to the indica side. The genetics remain unknown as the strain originated in Indiana in the 1970s, but then made its way to New England and then to Holland where the American strain was mixed with an unknown indica to make it a more stable plant.

You may find two different versions of Bubble Gum. One version was created by T.H. Seed and is similar to the original, but more of an indica than sativa. The other was created by Serious Seeds and is more of a perfectly balanced hybrid. Both produce round, dense and frosty flowers. The amazingly sweet Bazooka Joe bubble gum smell and flavor remain the same throughout as well.

Bubble Gum is potent reaching nearly 30% THC in some cases. Being an almost perfect split depending on which version you smoke you get an equal body and head high. You’ll feel the sensation creep into you head and behind your eyes followed by a fully relaxed body buzz. The qualities of Bubble Gum make it a great strain for the recreational user with its high THC, and the medical user can enjoy the euphoric feelings the sativa half brings with the pain-relieving and appetite-inducing qualities of the indica.

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