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The winner of High Times’ Cannabis Cup 2000 for Best Indica, Blueberry is a veteran when it comes to marijuana strains. With history tracing back to the 1970s, DJ Short created the strain after mixing a variety of landrace strains. Since then, the genetics of Blueberry have changed. DJ Short worked with a multitude of seed banks and breeders so the genetics are widely unknown. What we do know is Blueberry has an unbelievably tasty sweet blueberry flavor and aroma that makes this strain a necessity to add to your next bowl.

The high starts in your head with its sativa properties and makes its way down to relaxing your shoulders and neck and finishing in the limbs, leaving you in a relaxed state, but still alert and never fuzzy. Its flavor combined with its relaxing and euphoric effects that tend to last for hours make it a great strain for recreational or medicinal use. Medicinally, Blueberry is a remedy for pain and stress while the high THC content is top notch for the rec user.

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