Blue Magoo

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Jun 5, 2017 3:15:43 PM


Blue Magoo is an Oregon-bred strain created by pollinating Williams Wonder F2 - also known as Major League Bud - with DJ Short's Blueberry.

Blue Magoo often needs to be staked to hold its weight. It is dense with trichomes that coat tight bud structures, which stretch long and almost vine-like. It has bright orange pistils and a lavender hue throughout. It smells and tastes intensely of blueberries. If you like blueberry candy, this strain is for you.

Blue Magoo's powerful Indica high is ideal for alleviating pain, anxiety, nausea, appetite loss and insomnia. The slight sativa kick helps balance the heavy indica effects.

"Originated out of Oregon, Blue Magoo has long been one of my favorite strains. A true grower's delight of frosty blues, purples, and gummy like orange hairs - emanating auras of sour berry, dark licorice, to even musky rose. Indica dominate, Blue Magoo grows dense, sticky buds. Definitely an elite connoisseur strain!

~ Chris Brandenburg, Master Grower

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