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Jun 1, 2017 1:53:13 PM


Genetics: Witch Hunt x (Northern Lights x Skunk)

New strain to our stores – Asclepius Info Coming Soon!

Asclepius Genetics Info:

Witch Hunt is a multi-hybrid that has a dominantly 'OG' lineage, including Merlot OG, SFV OG, Tahoe OG, Widow G13, and a couple other Cali-based OG strains.

Northern Lights is a pure indica descendant of Afghani strains, known to be very resinous and fast-growing. Its flavor is sweet and spicy, its effects are euphoric and dreamy. Commonly used to alleviate depression, stress, pain, and insomnia, Northern Lights has remained popular for decades.

Skunk is a potent hybrid that has also been popular for decades, and has spawned several notable variations. The original Skunk genetics are a worldwide phenomenon, using Afghani, Colombian Gold, and Acapulco Gold bred over several generations to get the mix just right.

This makes Asclepius a true multi-strain mass hybrid. Try it for yourself and tell us what you think.

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