100mg - Dixie Gummies come in three different flavors and strain types to suit your tastes. Choose a citrusy sativa, a tropical indica, or a cinnamon hybrid infused gummy. Triple lab tested for consistency and quality. For faster absorption and quicker uptake, ingest by allowing gummy to fully dissolve in your mouth.
10mg THC per gummy; 100mg total THC per pack.

Citrus Blast Gummies
Blasting with juicy citrus flavors, this sativa-dominant gummy will have you feeling great in no time. Easy to carry with you and discreet to dose anytime you need an extra kick. 

Tropic Twist Gummies
Sit back, relax and let these fruity delicious indica-dominant Tropic Twist gummies ease your mind and take you Caribbean dreaming.  

Blazin’ Cinnamon Gummies
The best complement to your blazing is Dixie Edibles Blazin’ Cinnamon gummies. With an even blend of Indica and Sativa strains, these hybrid gummies put your mouth on alert but leave your mind at ease.