Fruit Tarts (Cherry, Grape, Lemon)

100mg - These tiny tarts allow for controlled and effective medication practically anywhere. Triple lab tested for consistency and quality. For faster absorption and quicker uptake, ingest by allowing tart to fully dissolve in your mouth. 10mg THC per candy piece; 100mg total THC per pack.

Cherry Fruit Tarts
Small size, big cherry flavor in this sour candy. Mixing slightly sweet with a little tart, Dixie Cherry Fruit Tarts offer a complete and effective high with the bonus of discrete convenience.

Grape Fruit Tarts
Small size, big flavor in this candy tart. Embrace the power of purple with Dixie’s Grape Fruit Tarts. 

Lemon Fruit Tarts
Pucker up for a refreshing burst of sweet and tart with Dixie Lemon Fruit Tarts. These classically-flavored lemon tarts are the perfect size (and dosage) for whatever strikes your mood.