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Julie's Natural Edibles

Nutty Bite

60mg, 150mg – An almond and sunflower seed cluster held together with maple syrup and a hint of cinnamon. Strain-specific, organically-grown marijuana is used to make the clarified cannabutter in the bites. Gluten-free.


Almonds, Maple Syrup, Honey, Sunflower Seeds, CannaButter infused with organically grown Marijuana, Vanilla, Sea Salt, Gluten Free Xanthum Gum, Cinnamon, Baking Soda.


150mg Activated Cannabinoids (60mg REC)

We recommend a dose between 5mg-25mg THC depending on your body size and how often you use cannabis.

Orally ingested cannabis is processed through the liver where the THC is metabolized, making the therapeutic and psychoactive effects of the THC more powerful and longer lasting than smoking.