Yeti Farms

Yeti Farms
6/22/17 3:56 PM


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Terp Sauce
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Yeti Farms is an all-sun, outdoor marijuana cultivator and extraction facility based in Peublo, Colorado. Using a custom-blend hydrocarbon extraction process, Yeti Farms creates  high-quality full spectrum shatter and wax extracts. Yeti Farms remains on the cutting edge of the concentrates industry, producing sought after extracts in popular forms like: live resin, isolate, diamonds and distillate.  They also produce the aptly named "blonde sugar" and "awesome sauce" (HTFSE & HCFSE). Terp sauce is made by combining Clear THC distillate with cannabis=derived terpenes to create a delicious, terpene-heavy extract with a saucy consistency. 

Yeti Farms extracts are available  for medical and recreational marijuana patients at all Buddy Boy Dispensaries. See your local store menu for products currently in stock. 

yeti farms diamonds 'n' sauceyeti farms blonde sugar

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