Seed & Smith Dart

Seed & Smith
4/7/20 5:52 PM


Seed and Smith Dart VapeThe next generation of cannabis vaping is here.


A discreet and sleek vape powered by CCELL's revolutionary ceramic heating element. A 3.7 volt output regulates temperature and provides the best flavor. This technology is housed inside of a durable alloy casing that protects both battery and cartridge. 

Seed & Smith Dart VapeThe pod fits to the case with a magnetic connection. And there are no buttons and no adjustments needed. Fully charged in 90 minutes with a micro USB cable, for 200 three-second pulls. Enjoy the most premium cannabis on the market with the Seed & Smith Dart.

See all the pod flavors currently in stock in our dispensaries by visiting our menu page and selecting your preferred dispensary location. 

seed and smith dart vape with magnetic closure


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