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O.penVAPETM is a company built on the collaborative effort of six dispensary owners and growers in 2012. Its products focus on a clean, simple, and healthy cannabis consumption method for both recreational and medical consumers. Its vaporizers, atomizers, batteries and pens all come with a warranty. 

Buddy Boy carries ISH distillate cartridges and disposable vape pens. With ISH, O.penVAPE took its signature design and made it sleeker and slimmer. This premium on-the-go vaporizer is loaded with flavored distillate and leverages CERAMFLO+ technology to give even bigger, tastier hits.
openvape ish flavored distillate cartridge
Choose from flavors like watermelon, blue raspberry, and bavarian cream, each in distillate oil with up to 95% potency. These vape pens are green disposable with one-time-use form and rechargeable functionality. openvape-ish-flavored-distillate-cartridge-flavors-100k

Also available from o.penVAPE are Reserve cartridges and Craft Reserve cartridges that are full of highly potent THC from hand selected flower.

openvape ish flavored distillate hybridopenvape ish watermelon distillate cartridgeopenvape ish flavored distillate

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