Ways to Grow Marijuana

by Buddy Boy, on Sep 22, 2017 3:07:00 PM

The two most common ways that marijuana is grown is either in soil or hydroponically. The two growing methods are described below.

Hydroponic Growing 

No soil is required when plants are grown hydroponically. Plants are instead grown using a nutrient-rich water solution. In hydroponics, pumps are used to circulate the water, similar to pumps for a fish tank. Roots may be placed in coconut fiber, sand, or kiln-fired clay balls (also called pebbles, pellets or grow rocks). The roots in the growth medium are then placed directly in the water on a tray. Water is circulated throughout the tray using a pump.

Soil Growing

Plants are placed in traditional flower pots and are grown in soil. Here is an example of a home hydroponic system in the first image and a soil grow in the second.

Home Hydroponic Grow.png  home soil grow.png


Nutrients are crucial in growing quality marijuana that is high in THC. Growing marijuana is often compared to growing tomatoes because many of the same nutrients are required when growing both plants.

Plants require three main nutrients: Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), and Potassium (K). Depending on the growth stage the cannabis plant requires a varied amount of each nutrient. Below is a chart depicting how much of each is needed during the grow cycle.

Optimal Cannabis Nutrient Ratios.png


Pesticides are used to prevent many pests such as spider and russet mites. The most common legally used nutrients and pesticides are listed below.

Common Pesticide Brands.png

Pesticides are used to kill many pests and to prevent diseases from growing on the marijuana plant. Russet mites and spider mites can be nearly impossible to kill once the grow is infested, therefore growers often resort to the use of pesticides. While some pesticides are still legal for growing use, many are banned for use within any grow facility. Below you will find a list of brand names commonly used banned pesticides: 

Common Banned Insecticides: 

Common Banned Insecticides.png

• Mallet
• Monterey Garden Insect Spray
• Bonide Eight
• Marathon

Common Banned Fungicides:

Common Banned Fungicides.png

• Eagle 20
• Heritage
• Captan
• Aliette

Common Banned Miticides: 

Common Banned Miticdes.png




• Avid
• Forbid
• Kontos
• Tetrasan
• Judo

If you are unsure as to whether the pesticides are legal, please contact your local Department of Health or Department of Agriculture. 

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