Frequently Asked Questions


Are you a licensed medical marijuana center? Yes, all of our locations are licensed to sell medical marijuana.

Do I have to be a member to shop at Buddy Boy Brands? You do not have to be a member to shop at Buddy Boy Brands. We allow non-members to shop as well. However, members receive special member pricing and promotions.

How do I become a member? First, you must have a registration card (also known as a Red Card) from a licensed medical marijuana physician. Then visit any Buddy Boy Brands location and ask to become a member. Our helpful receptionists and budtenders will help you from there.

Do you charge membership fees? We do not. Membership with us is free of charge.

Are all of your stores medical marijuana centers? Yes, all of our locations are licensed to sell medical marijuana.

Do you deliver? We do not.

What is a medical marijuana registration card? A Medical marijuana registration card, also known as a red card, is something you receive from the state of Colorado that enables you to purchase medical marijuana in Colorado. You may receive the registration card after receiving an exam from a licensed medical physician, completing a Medical Marijuana Registry application, and submitting it to the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE). Fees and proof of identification and Colorado residence are also required when submitting the application. If approved, allow up to six weeks to receive your registration card in the mail. Apply Online to receive your card within days. Learn more about the registration card and the doctors licensed to offer the exam on our Registration Card page.

How many primary caregivers can I have? You are only allowed to have one primary caregiver.

How many ounces can I buy at one time? According to Colorado Amendment 20: "A patient may engage in the medical use of marijuana, with no more marijuana than is medically necessary to address a debilitating medical condition. A patient’s medical use of marijuana, within the following limits, is lawful: (I)No more than two ounces of a usable form of marijuana"

What is the different between medical and recreational use? Medical marijuana is offered only to those with a Colorado medical marijuana registration card that have been recommended by a doctor. Recreational use, also known as retail, is sold to adults more than 21 years of age by only licensed marijuana retailers.

What effects can I expect when using marijuana? Effects will vary by each user and type of marijuana consumed.

Where can I get a registration/red card? Here is a list of licensed physicians in the Denver area for you to choose from.


Can I have marijuana in my car? Yes, you may have marijuana in your car, but you cannot consumer it in your vehicle or drive under the influence of marijuana. Also, it cannot be in an open container and cannot be driven across state lines.

Can I consume marijuana in my hotel room or on a hotel balcony? It is up to the hotel to allow smoking on their premises. Ask your hotel before consuming marijuana or you may face fines or even arrest. The city of Denver prohibits marijuana consumption on hotel balconies if visible from any public place.

How old do I have to be to purchase recreational/retail marijuana? You must be 21 years old or older.

Can I take the marijuana I purchase in Colorado out of state? No, it is illegal to take any form of marijuana across state lines, whether it is medical or retail marijuana.

What is the difference between indica, sativa and hybrid? There are three different types of marijuana: indica, sativa and a mix of the two known as hybrid. The plant and effects of the two are different. If you are looking for a lively, energetic effect a sativa is your choice. If you are looking for something to help you sleep or really relax and indica is a better option. A hybrid contains both indica and sativa so has a mixture of effects. The dominance can sway the plant one way or another though and this will differ by the type of marijuana you choose to purchase.

What are the different ways I can consume marijuana? Marijuana comes in many different forms for different effects and purposes. The forms include flower, edibles, concentrates, topicals and tinctures.

What is wax? Wax is a cannabis extract that that is softer and more opaque than its glassy shatter counterpart due to crystallization of the molecules. There are also different versions of wax, like budder, that is made from runny oils with more moisture that tend to be gooier. Other wax extracts that are soft and brittle are known as honeycomb, or crumble. Wax is umbrella term used to describe all of these softer extracts.

What is shatter? Shatter, sometimes referred to as sap because of its resemblance, is the purest and cleanest marijuana extract or BHO (butane hash oil) and is highly potent. Shatter is an oil that concentrates the marijuana plant’s THC and CBD through and extraction process. Shatter looks like glass with its translucency, but that isn’t always an indicator of its quality. The translucency, consistency, and texture depend on different factors including moisture, heat, and terpene contents.

What is live resin? Live resin is cannabis extract that uses fresh and frozen marijuana plants, rather than dry plants, that were harvested just hours before processing. Using fresh plants allows for more terpenes since the terpenes degrade and change once the plant is dried.

What is a Pull-and-snap? A pull-and-snap is an extract that isn’t wax, but also isn’t shatter. It is a concentrate that falls between the glass shatter look and viscous sap.



Colorado Amendment 20 – On November 7, 2000 The Colorado Medical Use of Marijuana Initiative, also known as Initiative 20, was on the ballot in Colorado as an initiated constitutional amendment and was approved. This Amendment allowed patients who have a Medical Marijuana Registration Card and their primary caregivers to possess a limited amount of medical marijuana. A limit of two ounces of usable marijuana and no more than six plants was allotted to each.

Colorado House Bill 11-1043 – The bill requires cannabis growers to be allowed no more than 500 plants, register their grow site and identify all patients, in addition to various other regulations for marijuana businesses. A cannabis grower must abide by these rules unless they have a waiver.

Colorado House Bill 10-1284 – This bill clarifies the sourcing of medical marijuana by specifying where registered patients can buy medical marijuana. It specifies that a patient can either grow their own, buy it from a state registered primary caregiver, or from a licensed MMJ center.

Colorado Revised Statutes 12-43-3 – This code regulates licenses, dispensaries, cultivation facilities and infused product manufacturers. Pursuant to this code, cities and counties can adopt their own rules and procedures for licensing of MMJ centers. This also allows cities and counties to ban medical marijuana centers completely. However they are not allowed to ban patients or caregivers.

Colorado Senate Bill 109 – Regulates the physician-patient relationship for medical marijuana patients.


Amendment 64 - The Colorado Marijuana Legalization Amendment, Amendment 64, was on the November 6, 2012 ballot and approved in Colorado. This legalized marijuana throughout the state for adults 21 and older. This bill outlines the rules for sales, manufacturing, and cultivation. Stores officially opened on January 1, 2014.


Personal Use

Max. Fine

One oz or less*
no penalty
Transfer of one oz or less for no remuneration*
no penalty
Open and public displays or uses of less than 2 oz
petty offense
15 days
2 – 6 oz
1 year
5 lbs or less
18 months
More than 12 oz
1 – 1.5 years
* By persons 21 years of age or older.
With Intent to Distribute
Possession of 8oz or more is considered possession with the intent to distribute will enhance the sentence.

Sale or Distribution

5 lbs or less
1 – 3 years
5 – 100 lbs
2 – 6 years
100 lbs or more
4 – 12 years
5 lbs or more to a minor
3-12 years
Sale to a minor carries an additional penalty of 4 years mandatory minimum sentence.


6 plants or fewer*
no penalty
More than 6 but fewer than 30 plants
2 – 6 years
* By persons 21 years of age or older.

Hash & Concentrates

One oz or less*
no penalty
Possession of 1 – 3 oz
6-18 months
Possession of more than 3 oz
1 year–18 months
Distribute, transfer, or possess with intent less than 1 lb
1-3 years
Distribute, transfer, or possess with intent 1 – 100 lbs
2 - 6 years
Distribute, transfer, or possess with intent more than 100 lbs
4 – 12 years
* By persons 21 years of age or older.


Possession of paraphernalia
petty offense


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Medical Cannabis Registration Cards

Ready to get your red card or renew your current one? We're here to help.

How to Register Online for a Colorado Medical Marijuana Card:

You will need: qualifying medical condition, valid email address, valid Colorado ID or Driver's License, credit card or electronic check.

1. Determine if you have a qualifying condition. See the complete list at

2. Visit a licensed physician who can recommend medical marijuana – see a list of options below (see 'Licensed Physicians in the Denver Metro Area' section on this page).

3. Once you and your doctor decide you qualify, fill out the application. The easiest and fastest method is to create an account and register online at CDPHE.
Applications may also be submitted by mail through the end of 2017.

Medical Marijuana Card Application Forms and Instructions.

You have 60 days from your exam to submit the completed application.

How to register online

What you will need: Qualifying medical condition, valid email address, valid Colorado ID or valid Colorado Driver’s License, credit card or electronic check

1) Determine if you have a qualifying medical condition

2) Visit a licensed physician who can recommend medical marijuana (may pick up brochure with list of physicians in stores)

3) Create an account and register through CDPHE

• Provide valid email address (this is how the state will contact you)
• Provide first name
• Provide Last name
• Registration Type will be “Applicant”
• Create a unique Username
• A temporary password will be sent to the email address provided to complete registration set up

4) Login using your new username and temporary password

5) Begin registration by clicking “New Patient Registration”

• Complete all data entry fields
• Click “Save” at the bottom of the page once complete
• Review saved information, and click “Save & Submit Patient Application” once confirmed

6) Awaiting Physician Certification status

• Click on the Physician Certification tab
• Click “New” to attach certification
• To attach you Physician Certification:
(a) Select your Physician Certification from the “Physician Certification Number” field
(b) Your Physician Certification information will load
(c) Click “Save” to attach the Certification to your application

7) Cultivation Information tab

• Click “New” to provide your cultivation information
• Complete data entry
• When entering in Plants and ounces, that number cannot exceed the amount on the Physician Certification
• Sign electronically
• Click save

8) Submit payment

• Click Payments tab
• Click “New” to begin making payment
• Click “Submit Payment…”
• Choose payment type
• Complete data entry
• Close out of small payment window and not the entire system
• Save and submit registration

9) Receive a response within 3-5 days via email, pending staff review

10) Application Status shown at anytime on the Home tab

11) Approval or Denial email will be sent to you from CDPHE

12) Print your Medical Marijuana Registration Card from the Patient Registration tab, once it is approved

13) You may sign over Buddy Boy as caregiver in stores, once you have your card

To Submit an Application by Mail*, include:

Signed Physician's Certification form

Copy of your Colorado driver's license or state I.D. or proof of residency such as a utility bill

Fee Waiver/Tax Exempt Status Form or a check/money order for $15, made out to CDPHE, that includes the patient's name. Cash and checks are not accepted.

Mail complete packet in one sealed envelope to: CPHDE HSV – 8608, 4300 Cherry Creek Drive South, Denver, CO 80246 – 1530 OR drop off your sealed envelope at the Colorado Department of Public Health at Building C: 710 S. Ash Street, Denver, CO 80246-1530. *Applications by mail will be processed through 12/31/17. After that day, all applications must be completed online.

Last but not least – declare a caregiver (that's where we come in). Once you receive your red (or purple) card in the mail come and see us at any location and we will help you set us up as your caregiver. We offer sign-over specials as well as member specials you can enjoy immediately.

Licensed Physicians in the Denver Metro Area

Call for appointment or visit the website to register online.

Cohen Medical Centers

(303) 892-6436
276 Galapago St. Denver, CO 80223

Doc Morrison

(720) 630-8999
2909 Sheridan Blvd. Wheat Ridge, CO 80214

Doctors of Natural Medicine

(719) 212-8899
5446 N. Academy Blvd. #104 Colorado Springs, CO 80981

Healthy Choices Unlimited of Denver

(720) 443-2420
5101 E Colfax Ave. Denver, CO 80220

Herbal Health Systems

(303) 237-1223
4101 E. Wesley Ave., Suite 3 Denver, CO, 80222

Holos Health (Boulder)

(720) 273-3568
3000 Center Green Dr, Suite 210 Boulder, CO 80301

Holos Health (Denver)

(720) 273-3568
1227 Pennsylvania St. Denver, CO 80203

MedEval Clinic (Centennial)

(720) 744-2010
6650 S. Vine St, Suite L50 Centennial, CO 80121

MedEval Clinic (Colorado Springs)

(720) 744-2010
3100 N. Academy Blvd, #205 Colorado Springs, CO 80909

Metro Multidisciplinary Doctors "MMD"

(720) 519-1236 / (303) 963-9276
450 Lincoln St, Suite 104 Denver, CO 80203

Red Card District

(720) 249-8985
2960 South Federal Blvd #3 Denver, CO 80236

Relaxed Clarity (Broomfield)

(970) 412-5955
1006 Depot Hill Rd, Suite #100 Broomfield, CO 80020

Relaxed Clarity (Colorado Springs)

(719) 645-5955
3133 N El Paso St. Colorado Springs, CO 80907

Relaxed Clarity (Denver)

(303) 690-4882
6795 E Tennessee Ave, #175, Denver CO 80224

Relaxed Clarity (Pueblo)

(719) 354-5445
503 Avocado St. Pueblo, CO 81005

Vibrant Health Clinic

(719) 216-8367
627 Weber St, Suite 2 Colorado Springs, CO 80903

Cannabis Infographics - Tips and How-Tos.